Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Who, what, when, where?
I stop and stare
Life goes by
and I don’t understand a thing
I have no clue how
or why?

My head keeps spinning;
There are bills to pay,
Mouths to feed,
Work to do,
but there’s no strength to.

An abundance of people to love,
Laughter to share,
Joy to give,
Yet I do not know
how to peacefully live.

I wonder when….
When will I have the ability
to carry my head up
and walk through the doors of opportunity?

But in the first place,
Why am I here?
Who am I here for?
What do I do
And how do I do it?

Many questions race through my head
I wonder who, what, where and when...
When, if ever will these questions come to an end?

© The poets voice~~~ March 2009, All rights reserved.