Thursday, 27 March 2008


Black hands
Searching frantically
For hope, for life, for light
Black faces
Looking anxiously
For food, for shelter, for trust
Black children
Waiting patiently
For peace, for friendship, for love
Black women
Suffering silently
From domestic violence, rape and discrimination
Black men
Working hard continuously
To support, sustain and help the family survive
What of our black leaders?
They are sitting and relaxing
Enjoying the loot of yesterday’s attack
And planning for tomorrow’s downfall
Nigeria- our black nation
Cries in agony
Over the ongoing destruction
Her children’s pain has reached her ears
And she can hold it no longer
We look to the creator of the blacks
To answer our prayers
To open the doors of heaven
And pour down HIS blessings
Afterall, we are tiny black children in
A black nation that we call our own
And we need some help
To pierce the black hearts
Of the black people.

© The poets voice~~~ March 2008, All rights reserved.


War, violence hatred, murder
Why do we do it? Why even bother?
Can a man not live in peace with his brother?
Can we not wine and dine together?
We are supposed to be one big family;
To live in peace and harmony
We hassle each other for cash, for money
We take away lives and then guilt hits us suddenly.
Have we no heart, no fear, no mercy?
Can we not see that violence is not the key?
The hurt and damage we’ve caused the community
Do we just ignore it and call it hearsay?
Peace I tell you, peace can save us
Happiness, joy, tranquility, peace
That’s what we want, that’s what we should seek
We know it’s the truth; we should not play it false
© The poets voice~~~ March 2008, All rights reserved.

Blessed are those that believe!

hey everyone! I've been out for about a week now...
sorry about that but I've had time to think and clear my head..
I've been stressed and worried in the past few months but I've felt calm this week.
My relationship with the one and only J.E.S.U.S has been 'ish' but i got it together this past week.
i figured something out :

'' it's not work that wears us out, but sadness, anxiety and worry. To God all your griefs are worthy of consideration''.

this has sort of been my motto for the week. i put everything in Gods hands and he is leading me through. sometimes i just wanna do my own thing but He knows best. Thank you Lord!!

Friday, 14 March 2008

The Weekend

hey y'all TGIF!!!...(i got that from ma close friend and according to ma friend, it means thank God its Friday)

I'm so glad the weekend is here again..i can finally get to sleep for as long as i want (obviously not literally.....i got a lot to do)

I'm so sorry i haven't written a poem in a while now, inspiration is hard to come by and sometimes its just sheer laziness but I'm gonna do something sooner or later.

newayz, y'all should have a great weekend and listen out for the poets voice, which is moi of course.!

God Bless...

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Running running
As quickly as I can
Panting panting
So heavily that I can’t catch my breath
Screaming screaming
Too loud to make sense of the words
Thinking thinking
About what to do now and where to go
Aching aching
My legs and head hurt so much
Praying praying
To get out of this nightmare
Running running
Through the forest, away from the monster
Calling out for help
Praying praying
To wake up from this unreality
Crying crying
As the monster advances
Waking waking
Gradually and slowly, I find myself in my room
Praying praying
Thanking God it was just a bad dream.
© The poets voice~~~ March 2008, All rights reserved.

Saturday, 8 March 2008


Four walls around,
I am locked inside my own home
This home of loneliness
That I created by myself
The cobweb at the corner gets larger day by day
My side table creaks with every step I make
The door to my room remains opened
As if inviting me into a deeper place of isolation, where I lose touch of reality
Everyday is a routine
The same people walk past my veranda
And every night those footsteps disappear into the darkness
My every word seems to repel people from me
At the end of the day I sit and reminisce
On those days when children were my joy
…but somehow, I have lost sight of them.
The memories are now a wisp of imagination
That disappear like smoke
It’s just the four walls surrounding me
In this cold and old home
(Sighing heavily I) realize thatI am truly lonely.
© The poets voice~~~ March 2008, All rights reserved.

The Rain

The rain patters softly on my window sill
The little clear drops of water
So simple and so serene

The thunder rumbles across the sky
Lightning makes her presence known
The soil opens up its parched throat
To take in water from the rain

The putrid smell of garbage
Dissolve in the aroma of fresh air
A sensation of goodness overcomes me

The trees blossom in all its glory
The fruits are ripe with beauty
The taste of blessing, the feeling of life
The sudden rush of energy and power

The rain falls in continuous chains
Bringing new life to people-
Its dependants, who would have it no other way.
© The poets voice~~~ March 2008, All rights reserved.

Thursday, 6 March 2008 got to with success and perseverance

Well today, i got my school results....i remember when i did these exams.The tension was unbearable, i could feel my head pounding and heart racing.the inner voice in me screamed out fear! and then just that one moment, i looked at the results and i passed!!

now, i could feel my heart racing and head pounding, the inner voice in me screamed joy, happiness and excitement!

that's what happened for half of the day, anywayz i now realise i have to work harder to get the same standard of good grades 'cos I've been struggling a bit but i know that the Jehovah I serve wouldn't let me down. He will surprise me beyond my imagination!!.

let me just use this opportunity to give y'all a word of advice..(yeah i know I'm full of them, can't help it these dayz...I'm just getting too pieces of advice to give out)

anywayz as i was saying, if you really want something and you know its good for you then go ahead and get it. life is just too short for you not to pursue your dreamz and interests.

be ambitious and persevere and make sure you put it in your best..

in the end, all that will matter is how much effort you have put in because you will have to stand and face the person you see in the mirror. if you cannot do this then you know you have cheated yourself.

And please, please, please try not to compare yourself with others. every one is unique and the standards set by each person is like i said before, all that matters is that you do your best and not what someone else has done or how they have done it. Be original!!


Looking forward, never looking back
Pulling continuously at the hand of success
Using ideas, acquiring knowledge
Mending dreams
The pen and paper, always at work
Imagination comes alive
Hardworking and consistently diligent
Breakthrough calls
Criticism and mockery fails to stop me
The stretching hands of excellence
Ambitions meet fulfillment.
© The poets voice~~~ March 2008, All rights reserved.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mothers Day...

today, 2nd of March is the wonderful mothers day. a lot of people often don't apprecaite their mums or don't know how to.others tend to underestimate the love and ability of a mother.

mothers are gifted..they multi-task and thats just the most amazing thing.

Ever wondered how your mum can do the ironing, while talking on the phone and at the same time helping your little brother do his homework and then thinking of what to make for lunch? if you said 'no' then thats perfectly understandable..i also wonder sometimes.

mothers love us far more than anyone can, they are always there to take us back when we really mess up. if you haven't called your mum in like a year or something, please pick up the phone right now and do that.yeah you heard me, i'm talking to you reading this page right now.

show your mothers that you care and apprecaite them for all those years they have been there for you.!!

lots of luv, The poets voice~~~


My Mother
My mother,
Who brought me up at birth
And laid me to rest

My mother,
Who kept me safe
And saw me through my rainy days

My mother,
Who saw through me
And knew the pain I was going through

My mother
Whom I will always love
And cherish till everlasting days above.
© The poets voice~~~ March 2008, All rights reserved.