Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Running running
As quickly as I can
Panting panting
So heavily that I can’t catch my breath
Screaming screaming
Too loud to make sense of the words
Thinking thinking
About what to do now and where to go
Aching aching
My legs and head hurt so much
Praying praying
To get out of this nightmare
Running running
Through the forest, away from the monster
Calling out for help
Praying praying
To wake up from this unreality
Crying crying
As the monster advances
Waking waking
Gradually and slowly, I find myself in my room
Praying praying
Thanking God it was just a bad dream.
© The poets voice~~~ March 2008, All rights reserved.

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Mide Olabimtan said...

once again!!!...i love
i was stunned at the way you easily play words and they fall right into each other!..im proud of u!