Friday, 23 July 2010

A look inside

Ever felt betrayed? ever felt so used and then discarded as scrap? Ever felt so hurt beyond repair? Ever felt heartbroken?

...What do you do when you feel so depressed that you don't want to get up in the morning; you just don't see the point.

There's been a sudden change. You were so attached and dependent on someone and currently they are no longer there. There's so much time on your hands and it makes you realise how much of your time you dedicated to them.


You recall the fun times you had with your best friend, how you both swore to always tell the truth to each other. Now you wonder why He/she lied? “How could they do this to me?” you ask , eyes burning with angry tears. You’re so bitter and you feel you can never trust anyone again.

You try to move on but every second of the day, you replay the event - the one that left this huge gaping hole in your heart - over and over again. Nothing seems to matter anymore. You walk around with a plastic smile plastered on your face, your mind is faraway in no-man’s land and you’re just bleeding away internally.

You can’t really look past ‘here’, the pain is just too great, way past your threshold.
Tears stream down your cheeks every time your mind takes you back, down memory lane.
And you ask “why? Why should someone decide to smash my heart into pieces and step all over it? Why?”

I was just ‘looking inside’ on life and trying to understand why we as humans hurt other people. The heart is strong and tough yet so delicate. Matters of the heart are sensitive.

Sometimes, I guess we just get so bogged down in the baggage we ourselves are carrying that we don’t see how we are damaging other people and hurting them.

People are people; not objects but PEOPLE i.e living beings. We can feel, we can see, we can sense, we are Alive! We all have that desire to be loved. We want to feel needed, we want to feel valuable, we want to belong.

We want to feel LOVED….Love is the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. love is the basis for all being because God is love. We were created by God and we have been commanded to Love one another just as Christ loved us.

“More people die of Broken hearts than swollen heads” – Anonymous

I think it’s about time that we stopped using people and start appreciating them.. Simple things like commenting on what someone’s good at, paying a compliment about their outfit, making a call to check up on a friend can make a huge difference.

It’s not just the big breakups in relationships that break hearts, sometimes it’s the little cracks that you make by not caring that all add up until there’s a clean dividing line across a heart.

“There is always some serious fact behind "JUST KIDDING", a little emotion behind "I DON'T CARE", a little discomfort behind "IT'S O.K", a little desire behind "LEAVE ME ALONE" and a lot of words behind "SILENCE" - Anonymous

So maybe we need to just STOP , step out for a minute and take a look into our lives...

If you’re hurt, just know that there is a God who can heal your broken heart and mend it so it’s just as good as new. After all, He made it…He made YOU!

If you’ve done wrong to someone and you hurt them, it’s not the end of the world…just make sure you don’t let pride creep in. Just apologize. It’s amazing how that one word ‘sorry’ can make a lot of things better. And just ask them to forgive you, try and make amends. Don’t expect that they’ll come round immediately because they are still wounded so give it time as well.

© The poets voice~~~ July 2010, All rights reserved.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

One day...let that be today!

This video speaks volumes! We have to be the change that we want to see ...that's the truth.