Friday, 21 November 2008

When anger turns to Rage

Fire coursing through my veins,
steam expelled as the cool droplets of rain
pour on my head and run down to my tiny toes,
my face as hot as fresh black coal.
They’ve been getting on my nerves but this time they went too far.
My mind becomes a waste yard for negative emotions,
not even degradable by the strongest love potions.
Never disposed off, the refuse heap is now piled up.
She applied the last tiny pressure
And I exploded!
Tick. Tock. boom!! Like a bomb or a gun fully loaded
I Exploded.
They made me explode.
She made me explode and now the flames, even more intense
radiates to my surroundings, crossing every fence.
Last I remember, the fire burnt down the bridge connecting us together.
Then it dried up love.
Now the fire is out of control and it’s just me against the world.


A piece of advice: when your anger stats getting out of control, check yourself. Anger is very dangerous and it does damages that we sometimes cannot reverse!

© The poets voice~~~ November 2008, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

OBAMA for the States!

America has changed—so its time to change your views about the country.

"Barack Obama's victory in yesterday's presidential election is a watershed for his country. His triumph is historic not merely because he is the first African-American – indeed the first representative of any of the minorities who now account for a third of the US population – to secure the nation's highest political office. It also comes at an extraordinary confluence of turning points: political, generational and economic.
Having spent his childhood in Hawaii, on the very edge of America proper, and in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country, Mr Obama is better placed than any US leader before him to grasp how the rest of the world sees America. Mr Bush's inability to do so was a major reason for the failure of his presidency on the world stage. Mr Obama's very background, coupled with a relative decline in US global power, means diplomacy will make a welcome return as America's preferred method of conducting foreign policy"

"Mr Obama has never run anything, it is said. Not true. He has run arguably the longest, the biggest and the best organised campaign ever. Its discipline has been astonishing – in contrast to the campaign of Mrs Clinton that was once supposed to sweep all before it. And he has taken on the Democratic Party establishment as represented by the Clintons. In two years, Mr Obama has not made a major blunder. Yes, he has had a dedicated, top-notch team around him. But that too augurs well. Clearly, Mr Obama knows how to put the right people in the right jobs, a vital part of being president. And then, of course, he has style. Not since JFK will America have had as charismatic and inspirational a leader. Charisma and soaring oratory do not guarantee good government. But America is demoralised, exhausted and broke. It needs to turn the page on its recent past. And for that, it needs words, as well as deeds, to inspire it."

"The election of Barack Obama will be a gamble. He may prove a disappointment like Jimmy Carter – another leader who emerged from nowhere, full of good intentions but overwhelmed by the job. There is no knowing. Nothing quite prepares a man for the presidency.
What is certain is that Mr Obama provides excitement, a desperately needed jolt of political electricity. If he is elected, America will instantly be seen in a new light around the world – not just because the unloved George Bush is gone, but because the country has found it within itself to turn to someone truly new, whose astonishing ascent could have happened nowhere else on earth. Only in America."


© The poets voice~~~ November 2008, All rights reserved.