Friday, 21 November 2008

When anger turns to Rage

Fire coursing through my veins,
steam expelled as the cool droplets of rain
pour on my head and run down to my tiny toes,
my face as hot as fresh black coal.
They’ve been getting on my nerves but this time they went too far.
My mind becomes a waste yard for negative emotions,
not even degradable by the strongest love potions.
Never disposed off, the refuse heap is now piled up.
She applied the last tiny pressure
And I exploded!
Tick. Tock. boom!! Like a bomb or a gun fully loaded
I Exploded.
They made me explode.
She made me explode and now the flames, even more intense
radiates to my surroundings, crossing every fence.
Last I remember, the fire burnt down the bridge connecting us together.
Then it dried up love.
Now the fire is out of control and it’s just me against the world.


A piece of advice: when your anger stats getting out of control, check yourself. Anger is very dangerous and it does damages that we sometimes cannot reverse!

© The poets voice~~~ November 2008, All rights reserved.

3 lyrically composed words:

Believer said...

I thank you for this post, I was so angry this morning but Parakletos reminded me that
1. I could be angry but I could not sin
2. I should not let the sun go down on my anger (which i personally thought was unfair as it's winter and the sun goes down at 4!)
3. Anger resteth in the bosom of a fool

So I decided to try and meditate on other things and gradually, it is spilling away..i'm sure He sent me this way to read this as a reminder. Thank you Holy Ghost

The poets voice ~~~ said...

@ Believer- the Holy Spirit is a great reminder and teacher..WEll done for allowing that anger spill away.

Lindah said...

I am relieved from anger after dropping tears.Sometimes i listen to inspirational music when i am angry. It is not good to keep anger for a long time because one can develope chest pain.