Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I Rant...

I am not the loudest of people or the most extroverted..all my life, I've been the quiet one, the friend always there to help (but not extroverted and certainly not a geek!) and....my outgoing, loud self only comes out when i hear music that makes me 'break it down'....i love sounds that make me dance. Okay so i am very focused and when its time for book, i sit there and do the deed..it's not cos i like it, i just want to get it done and out of the way.
I don't do a lot either, actually there are peaks in my life where it's one adventure after the other but there are also dry spell which can last long...i mean looooooooooooong!

I'm wondering why all of a sudden, my friends are trying to make me feel like I'm one old woman with no life....so what if i I'm not found in the club 7 days a week, and does it matter that I don't down Malibu, vodka, moet, champagne like the rest of them? I simply hate people being drunk and if you say leisurely drinking..well i don't do that either, it's just not me.

In addition, alcohol doesn't taste sweet..vodka especially tastes vile!well Malibu is alright...

My life is just different. I know have to have fun

going back to geekiness...people mistake my focus and determination to succeed as being too 'book-headed' (i made up that word).

And then going back to dry spells....as in you know now, it takes money to have fun..and in this crunch season mehn!..It is well with my pocket, purse and bank account!

I am a simple, quiet honest person and I love what I do..I write, i sing, i dance and i looooovvvee music. I love meeting new people and I always come across as quite pleasant and easy-going..

The only time I think I'm weird is when I'm on the phone...I hold back a lot, I don't really talk about ME..i find it really hard!

Okay and on the phone I usually let the other person talk and it ends up being all about them,,i just laugh shyly and listen through out. So even when i get asked opinions or deep stuff about me...i get so tongue-tied that i don't know what in the world to say!

At this age, i should know where i stand right? I should have definite opinions on matters in life but I don't know whats wrong with me.

I express myself in written word more than by spoken word.

I apologise but i have to rant on..hehe

This summer has probably been the worst. I don't have anything to write about, I have a writer's block and I don't just seem to care about anything..I just don't care seriously..it's crazy!!

Where did i forget myself? what happened to me?

See me see trouble o....okay yesterday I called my friend V 'cos he's been ill and I wanted to check on him. we talked for a long time and then randomly we started talking about life and what we hope to achieve.

V: what are your distractions?

me: erm..uhm...i don't know....i don't think i have any...

V:u don't know?

me: i guess it's people

V: in what way?

me: erm...

As in when i dropped the phone, i kept thinking..what just happened? what is wrong with me? can't i talk? but to be honest I've never asked myself if i have a distraction ..

Of course, there's the occasional distraction...If i meet a hawt, intelligent young man of course I'm distracted but it's only for a few minutes.

I do go out of my way to please people and so yeah people are a distraction because if I'm focused on something but someone needs help..i try to help them!

So 10 random things about me:

  1. I have serious love and a deep connection to my African roots

  2. My feet are always cold

  3. I can be funny and super-hyper at times

  4. I love the american accent

  5. I love the Soweto gospel choir and Ladysmith Black mambazo

  6. My fav Naija artists include M.I, Asa, Omawunmi,

  7. I laugh a lot

  8. I have a winning smile! :)

  9. My imagination is crazily wild and it's limit are yet to be determined

  10. I'm beautiful.

Okay I think I'm done,, this is my random rant of the week...I apologise for the length.
Have a fabulous week bloggers!! x

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