Thursday, 30 July 2009

Laughing at the storm

short story

Nelly entered her house after a hard night's job. The slam of the door reverberated off the walls. The house she knew too well was cold and empty, mirroring how she felt inside. She threw the keys on the green worn-out couch behind the sitting room window. The view from that window was beautiful, the white petals of the spring daisies blended with the red of the roses. The splash of colour outside that window contrasted with the dull, thick gloom in the house.

She strolled into the kitchen and put the kettle on. After five minutes, the water bubbled vivaciously.Nelly smiled remembering the energy that her youngest brother had when he was around. She missed her family, her heart ached for togetherness. Few years ago, everyone was together but for some undefined reasons the family had to split. In this depression things had become even harder that the family just couldn't be together.

The phone rang just as she finished having breakfast. She was reluctant to pick up the call because the number was rather strange to her.

"hello", she started slowly

"Nelly my dear, how are you?" the caller asked
"Mummy!! you scared me. I was wondering who was calling with this number. Mum good morning, how are you?" Nelly asked happily and with relief. It was nice to hear a friendly familiar voice once in a while.

"I'm fine dear.Everyone here is fine. how is Josiah? " her mum asked with an expectancy of good news

"Mum, you know your son.He knows how to take care of himself. He is doing fine, I saw him yesterday" Nelly laughed to conceal the pain she really felt inside. Her brother Josiah was really sad about the other half of the family being in a different country. When he talked about how much he missed his other brothers, It always brought tears to Nelly's eyes.

"So mum, when are you coming?"Nelly asked finally
There was absolute silence on the phone for what seemed like hours.Nelly understood what that meant. Her mother was believing God for the finance so they could come over.

Nelly worked shifts in an old factory and she got paid meagre amounts. What she earned in a month was not even enough to pay for bills,rent and to also survive on. Josiah on the other hand was a student at the university of Huddersfield. He worked part-time to try and pay his way through school.

Their dad was currently jobless and mum worked as much as she could to support the other two kids as well as her husband. Life was tough.The economic meltdown was melting their family away and they tried their hardest to fight back. How long could they hold on for? Well only time could tell.

After a long time of thought, Mrs Bassey finally found the courage to say "I don't know when we'll come but I know we will.Don't worry dear, the time is coming when we will laugh at the storm! take care love. bye"

Nelly replaced the handset in its holder and was left with that feeling of emptiness once more.

She looked around and realised that she missed love and family. The things that made her happy definitely did not stay in that house.

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