Monday, 25 February 2008

Take a moment...think and reflect!

Yesterday i was really blessed! there's something about Sundays...Everytime i go to church my spirit is lifted...(and i know what you're thinking, its not 'cos of the friends even though they do play a small part! lol)

anyways, church is just wonderful. i went to a friends church and i was proud to see all these youths preaching about different know, stuff that actual matter. I always thought that if i was a motivational speaker for the youth, i wouldn't actually go far 'cos they wouldn't listen but i was proved wrong.

the main message was about prayer. when you pray, y'all don't actually know what happens but i tell you it is big. can u imagine God and Satan wrestling on your behalf?....well that's what happens when you pray!!

another thing that struck me was the story told by this girl about her cousin...she had been with her cousin for a long time and they talked about everything apart from God. she was never really sure which side he stood on, with Christ or against HIM.

few days later her cousin died and the thing that hurt the most was not knowing where he had gone and the guilt of not pushing him hard enough to make the right decision.

so y'all should decide it heaven or hell??

finally i want you to try this challenge: try to go through this week without actually asking God for anything, instead praise Him for everything and see how many doors open for you.

have a great week..much luv.xx
© The poets voice~~~ February 2008, All rights reserved.

Friday, 22 February 2008


There is this famous quote which i heard right, it goes like this: 'Slow down and enjoy life. its not only the scenery you miss by going too fast but- you also miss the sense of where you are going and why'. A lot of the timewe are always too busy to enjoy the little pleasures in life..the things is , its not he big things but the little things that matter.

Albert einstein said: 'There are only two ways to live your life, one is as though nothing is a miracle and the other is as though everything is a miracle'.

its friday night today, y'all should enjoy your weekend and enjoy life!!!

take care.xx

Miracles happen now and then,
As a result of your faith in the creator
We never seem to notice them,
But there’s a miracle in every corner

How a baby is born,
How an ocean is formed
How a tear drops,
I really wonder how these things are done

Where does my happiness form its existence?
Why is my joy like a river?
It just can’t be explained with science,
Because it’s a miracle of some kind

Today I cry, tomorrow I rejoice
Now I’m poor, in the future I’ll be rich
When things happen like this,
Then you know that a miracle is received

When a miracle is gotten, hold on to it.
When it is expected, long for it
It is not a toy but a special gift,
And it’s one that nobody should miss

Miracles are real
Believe in them
No matter how bad the situation
Believe that there’s a miracle somewhere
© The poets voice~~~ February 2008, All rights reserved.

Little Rose

We all have someone special or we'll alll like to have someone special.

I think it is a good thing to have a special and unique bond with that 'special' person in your life.

enjoy reading.xx

Little rose, little rose
Do you know how much I cherish thee?
For you are my most admirable possession
No one can take you away from me

I guard you in my heart
And hear what you say
I try to understand this common bond
We have each day

You are my little rose
One that I love so dearly
And the love I have for you
Is just plain reality
© The poets voice~~~ February 2008, All rights reserved.

Jesus Was There

Has any of you ever narrowly escaped death?...i have, and thats why i worte this poem.

I was travelling one day on our dear Kaduna-Abuja road (in Nigeria) when suddenly our car skidded off the road. Now this was a little odd because there was no rain or single drop of water on the roads and the road didnt have bumps or any other obstacles. To me, i thought this was a miracle so i wrote this poem to kinda apprecaite God and to let others know about my testimony (if you can call it that...) here goes:

Once I was traveling
To somewhere far away
Some people were thinking and wondering
But I prayed I see another day

The sun went away
And the clouds were gathering
We went a long way
Then it started raining

Suddenly our car was spinning
Round and round it went, no stopping
Until it finally landed and crashed
With smoke filling the car, out we all dashed

We removed everything speedily
As it rained and rained heavily
We stood in the rain and didn’t care
And we were not dismayed because Jesus was there

He brought help to us
By bringing to our aid a bus
I thanked God for that day
And for bringing us home anyway

This wasn’t just a miracle but a testimony
And it was heard everywhere
Satan could do nothing but testify to the storyThat we were not harmed because Jesus was there

© The poets voice~~~ February 2008, All rights reserved.

How you make me feel

I remember when I saw you yesterday.
A smile danced on my lips,
My heart leaped for joy as we briefly brushed each other.
Your gaze met mine; it felt like some unseen force held our eyes together,
The twinkle in your eyes inducing a corresponding twinkle in mine.
I am so in love with a handsome stranger!
I could well be on cloud nine or eleven.......well whatever,
The thought of you always lingering in my mind.
My heart beats faster when you're around but at the same time my
Body unwinds from tension and stress.
You walked into my life so easily,
Stealing the keys to unlock my heart.
You swiped me off my feet calmly,
And now I'm head over heels!
I still wonder how a perfect gentleman could generate
Such strong emotions in me...
The art of romance, the song of love; you've effortlessly mastered the skills.
I take pleasure in your cuddle.
Having your arm around me in that warm hug,
Sends a tingle down my spine but at the same time
a sense of protection settles in my mind.
Tiny, pretty butterflies make themselves at home in my stomach, as my heart connects with yours; the chemistry becoming increasingly stronger.
When we are together in the midst of a boisterous crowd,
It feels like we are alone in our world....this magical world!
An overwhelming feeling of ecstasy and excitement
Clouds my mentation of reality.
That's how you make me feel.

© The poets voice~~~ February 2008, All rights reserved.

Thursday, 21 February 2008


I remember when Mami was here

I would sit by her and she would stroke my hair

And tell me that I was the most beautiful child in the world

I would then climb onto her laps, putting my arms tightly around her

Resting my head on her chest and

Listening to her soft heartbeat.

Clearing her throat, she would tell me a story

"Long time ago, in a kingdom faraway"

She would begin in a serious and hushed tone.

Her thick, gold-rimmed glasses would

Slide slowly down her nose as she spoke

And then I would burst out in childish laughter

Even funnier,

Was when Mami would look at me in confusion

Not quite clear on the reason for my laughter

Years have gone by since I last saw Mami

All that is left,

Is her tender, loving care etched in my memory

I miss Mami dearly

Every old woman seems to remind me of her.

Whenever I was sad or in distress, her words were comforting.

Its no wonder,

That I will always reminisce on when Mami was here
© The poets voice~~~ February 2008, All rights reserved.


Here I - I stand

Gazing out my window

My feet and hands,

Thawing slowly

The mountain peaks stick out as shades of grey

From the valleys which are now totally engulfed in snow.

The blanket of snow is thickening

A white canvass lays before me

The picture is 'picture-perfect'

in my mind, with my imaginationI

can create any piece of art I choose

Perfection does not matter

But I'll rather the picture remains 'picture-perfect'

As everything stays frozen
© The poets voice~~~ February 2008, All rights reserved.

Into the music

The violins exude such beautiful classical melodies
The piano goes accelerando
And suddenly the drums come alive
Into the music, yes deeper I go
My feet move to the rhythm
Emotions rise within me as
The harmony begins
Then suddenly, allegro
And the music takes over me
Fingers snap in time to the beat
Voices in ensemble
The alto and soprano woven together in acapella
The music is absolutely sensational
My ears agitatedly craving more
The guitar strumming away
Gently carrying me with its tunes
One strum moves my hips to the left and another to the right
Now the harmony goes adagio
The pitch gradually lowers
The drums now send out short, slow beats
The music becomes a homophony
My movements cease and my body returns to its still form
Followed by a thunderous drum roll
and the finale...the music ends.
© The poets voice~~~ February 2008, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Red Rose

The red rose, so pretty
Attracts every element of nature including the bee
The morning dew dances on her petals
She is vibrant with colour.
She stands out in the field
Compared to other flowers she is unique.
With her innermost beingShe calls out to everything.
The birds in flightStop at her breathtaking sight
Blossoming as she comes to life,
The rose mirrors light; nothing can outshine.
© The poets voice~~~ February 2008, All rights reserved.