Friday, 22 February 2008

Jesus Was There

Has any of you ever narrowly escaped death?...i have, and thats why i worte this poem.

I was travelling one day on our dear Kaduna-Abuja road (in Nigeria) when suddenly our car skidded off the road. Now this was a little odd because there was no rain or single drop of water on the roads and the road didnt have bumps or any other obstacles. To me, i thought this was a miracle so i wrote this poem to kinda apprecaite God and to let others know about my testimony (if you can call it that...) here goes:

Once I was traveling
To somewhere far away
Some people were thinking and wondering
But I prayed I see another day

The sun went away
And the clouds were gathering
We went a long way
Then it started raining

Suddenly our car was spinning
Round and round it went, no stopping
Until it finally landed and crashed
With smoke filling the car, out we all dashed

We removed everything speedily
As it rained and rained heavily
We stood in the rain and didn’t care
And we were not dismayed because Jesus was there

He brought help to us
By bringing to our aid a bus
I thanked God for that day
And for bringing us home anyway

This wasn’t just a miracle but a testimony
And it was heard everywhere
Satan could do nothing but testify to the storyThat we were not harmed because Jesus was there

© The poets voice~~~ February 2008, All rights reserved.

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