Thursday, 21 February 2008


I remember when Mami was here

I would sit by her and she would stroke my hair

And tell me that I was the most beautiful child in the world

I would then climb onto her laps, putting my arms tightly around her

Resting my head on her chest and

Listening to her soft heartbeat.

Clearing her throat, she would tell me a story

"Long time ago, in a kingdom faraway"

She would begin in a serious and hushed tone.

Her thick, gold-rimmed glasses would

Slide slowly down her nose as she spoke

And then I would burst out in childish laughter

Even funnier,

Was when Mami would look at me in confusion

Not quite clear on the reason for my laughter

Years have gone by since I last saw Mami

All that is left,

Is her tender, loving care etched in my memory

I miss Mami dearly

Every old woman seems to remind me of her.

Whenever I was sad or in distress, her words were comforting.

Its no wonder,

That I will always reminisce on when Mami was here
© The poets voice~~~ February 2008, All rights reserved.

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Mide Olabimtan said...

i love!!!!.....u should read my letter to a mother!!!

lafftrsmuse said...

I still love this poem best.
A person can only write it if their love is so deep for the One who loved them, when they were so vulnerable. Just A Baby.:)