Thursday, 21 February 2008

Into the music

The violins exude such beautiful classical melodies
The piano goes accelerando
And suddenly the drums come alive
Into the music, yes deeper I go
My feet move to the rhythm
Emotions rise within me as
The harmony begins
Then suddenly, allegro
And the music takes over me
Fingers snap in time to the beat
Voices in ensemble
The alto and soprano woven together in acapella
The music is absolutely sensational
My ears agitatedly craving more
The guitar strumming away
Gently carrying me with its tunes
One strum moves my hips to the left and another to the right
Now the harmony goes adagio
The pitch gradually lowers
The drums now send out short, slow beats
The music becomes a homophony
My movements cease and my body returns to its still form
Followed by a thunderous drum roll
and the finale...the music ends.
© The poets voice~~~ February 2008, All rights reserved.

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