Thursday, 6 March 2008 got to with success and perseverance

Well today, i got my school results....i remember when i did these exams.The tension was unbearable, i could feel my head pounding and heart racing.the inner voice in me screamed out fear! and then just that one moment, i looked at the results and i passed!!

now, i could feel my heart racing and head pounding, the inner voice in me screamed joy, happiness and excitement!

that's what happened for half of the day, anywayz i now realise i have to work harder to get the same standard of good grades 'cos I've been struggling a bit but i know that the Jehovah I serve wouldn't let me down. He will surprise me beyond my imagination!!.

let me just use this opportunity to give y'all a word of advice..(yeah i know I'm full of them, can't help it these dayz...I'm just getting too pieces of advice to give out)

anywayz as i was saying, if you really want something and you know its good for you then go ahead and get it. life is just too short for you not to pursue your dreamz and interests.

be ambitious and persevere and make sure you put it in your best..

in the end, all that will matter is how much effort you have put in because you will have to stand and face the person you see in the mirror. if you cannot do this then you know you have cheated yourself.

And please, please, please try not to compare yourself with others. every one is unique and the standards set by each person is like i said before, all that matters is that you do your best and not what someone else has done or how they have done it. Be original!!


Looking forward, never looking back
Pulling continuously at the hand of success
Using ideas, acquiring knowledge
Mending dreams
The pen and paper, always at work
Imagination comes alive
Hardworking and consistently diligent
Breakthrough calls
Criticism and mockery fails to stop me
The stretching hands of excellence
Ambitions meet fulfillment.
© The poets voice~~~ March 2008, All rights reserved.

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Andre87 said...

I got to say you're really impressive
Keeping up with a good reputation isn't easy but outshining a former glory is rare
Can't wait to see what ur nect result will be like
Congrats dear