Saturday, 8 March 2008


Four walls around,
I am locked inside my own home
This home of loneliness
That I created by myself
The cobweb at the corner gets larger day by day
My side table creaks with every step I make
The door to my room remains opened
As if inviting me into a deeper place of isolation, where I lose touch of reality
Everyday is a routine
The same people walk past my veranda
And every night those footsteps disappear into the darkness
My every word seems to repel people from me
At the end of the day I sit and reminisce
On those days when children were my joy
…but somehow, I have lost sight of them.
The memories are now a wisp of imagination
That disappear like smoke
It’s just the four walls surrounding me
In this cold and old home
(Sighing heavily I) realize thatI am truly lonely.
© The poets voice~~~ March 2008, All rights reserved.

3 lyrically composed words:

Mide Olabimtan said...

J this is exactly how i feel!!!!
i love!

The poets voice ~~~ said...

awww, i know how u feel luv, dont worry its onli a once in a while thing and i'm sure the sun will shine again in ur laif. luv ya girl.xx

ink said...

this is so so cool.
i love ur blog