Saturday, 3 May 2008


F------favoured, blesses and loved us
Broke us free from the enemy’s curse
O------original friend,
Always there till the end
R-------remembered us,
Lifted us and made us prosperous
G------gave us life,
Spent so much to make us nice
I-------infinite mercy always flows from his throne.
We were chosen to be his own
V------verified our rights to be his people,
Gave us bodies so complex and amazing yet simple
E------errors are cancelled by God-
The everlasting and glorious lord of all
N------never puts our mistakes into consideration;
Shows us love without condition
E------eternal king and prince of peace,
Always there to make sure our joy never ceases
S------sacred and secure, chastises us
And shed his blood to make us pure
S------sufficient grace,
Enough to satisfy us all our days

IN life, sometimes we just need to hit the delete button and erase all the wrongs made against us!....try it and feel the peace that comes with doing so.

© The poets voice~~~ April 2008, All rights reserved.

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Olamild said...

That was a beautiful post

Jarrai said...

This is a great post...very inspiring. I am going to click on the delete button

Have a lovely weekend xxx

Olamild said...

thx 4 stopping by