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The meaning of CHRISTMAS

C- Christ

John 3:16 - for God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only son sop that whoever believes in hi may not be lost but have eternal life.

Christmas is Jesus Christ honoured and magnified in our hearts and lives.

H- Happiness

Luke 2:10 - then the angel said to them “do not be afraid, I am bringing you good news that will be a great joy to all the people.”

Happiness goes deep; it reaches the heart of man. This joy is found in Jesus Christ.

R- Redemption

Galatians 4:4-5 – but when the right time came, God sent his son who was born of a woman and lived under the law. God did this so he could buy freedom for those who were under the law so we could become his children

Christ came to save us from sin. That is why He was born into this world. He came to provide us with life and hope

I- Illumination

Isaiah 9:6-7 - A child has been born to us, God has given a son to us. He will be responsible for leading the people. His name is wonderful counsellor, powerful god, father who lives for ever, prince of peace.

Power and peace will be in his kingdom and continue to grow forever. He will rule as king on David’s throne and over David’s kingdom. He will make it strong by ruling with justice and from now on and forever. The lord all-powerful will do this because of his strong love for his people.

It is a time of illumination as we realize that Christ is the Son of God. A light has been lit, we have a father who can do all things!

S- Sacrifice Matthew 1:21 - And she will; give birth to a son, and you will name him JESUS because he will save his people from their sins.

To save lost humanity from sin demanded a blood sacrifice. Christ came to give Himself as that sacrifice that all who believe in Him might be eternally saved.

T- Triumph
Isaiah 26:3 – You lord, give true peace to those who depend on you because they trust you.

When we know Christ, we have the peace within, and what a mighty triumph this is over the afflictions and sorrows of life. There is great triumph in the message of Christmas, the result being the peace of God which passes all understanding. Christmas reminds us of the overwhelming victory wrought by Jesus Christ.

M- Mission

Luke 19:10 - that the Son of Man came to find lost people and save them

Christmas embodies the mission of the coming of the Son of God to provide salvation for all. What a thrill to know Christ!

A- Assurance

Micah 5:2 - But thou, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are too small to be among the army groups from Judah, from you will come one who will rule Israel for me. He comes from very old times, from days long ago.

The prophecy of the little baby who was born into this world at Christmas was for him to become the ruler of the world. He will return to do this, not as a little baby rather He will be King of kings, and Lord of lords.

S- Submission

John 3:30, He must become greater, and I must become less important.

Christmas should be a time when every believer recommits his life to the control of Christ

***Merry Christmas**
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