Tuesday, 24 February 2009


My hands reach for yours
but you pull away each time.
The sea between us widens into an ocean,
wider than the thin wall that separates our rooms.
We drift apart like the tectonic plates of Africa and South America.

You are never there.

‘hi’ and ‘bye’ are the only words we manage to string together in conversation.
The person I once knew is no more.
I see a vague picture of you but quickly it fades away,
all that is left is a shadow; a figment of my imagination,
A total stranger.
Your silhouette stands outside my memory.

© The poets voice~~~ February 2009, All rights reserved.

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Robyn said...


Robyn said...

secondly:some inspiration
lovely and simple
very deep.

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Uzezi said...

this goes deeper than what i read. cos this distant thing happens in amny areas of our lives

The poets voice ~~~ said...

@ Robyn- thanx

@Uzezi- Yes, in many ways we as people jst go apart and we fail to realise it until we are total strangers.

simeone said...

i luv this place..more grace be upon u in jesus name..

Bibi said...

what struck me was the blend of reading that post and listening to that song at the same time. very touching. FIRST TIMER.lol

The poets voice ~~~ said...

@ simeone- Thanks and Amen

@ Bibi- Welcome, welcome..hope u have fun reading this blog.