Sunday, 15 June 2008

School day

The sun streams in all its splendour,
Exhibiting a glistening reflection my window and back door,
Its luminosity beaming.
My eyes nictate
For a fraction of a second,
I still feel as though I were dreaming.

Wearily dragging the duvet over my head.
Mouth yawns and hands stretches,
Back elevates slightly as led.

I reach for my phone,
Check the time;
It’s only 6:09.
How easy it is to be mislead,
To think ‘tis time to plant poppy seeds.
But time is not just numbers, it shouldn’t be thrown
Time is precious; very well known.

I snuggle up under my bed cover,
Nestling once more comfortably in my domain,
Eyes shut to keep out the light and rediscover

Sleep takes control.
Drifting away in the world of dreams,
The wind brushes my face and whispers in my ear.
Soft music playing in the background,
The trees tower over the hills.
The alarm rings…

Quietly, moderately then loudly
Ri-iii-nnngg!! I snap out of my daze
It’s another school day!

© The poets voice~~~ June 2008, All rights reserved.

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