Thursday, 12 June 2008


What is wrong with me!?
I look, I see, I watch
I study how they treat each other
But when it comes to me,
The difference is clear.

What is wrong with me!?
Why is it that everytime
Those people only last for a while.
They come and go, never there to the end
Like they say they will be.
Those people who call themselves friends.

Am I just too tolerant and forgiving?
Trying to revive happiness and joy?
Bringing pace where there is none
And showing love where none exists?
Is that it? Is that what’s wrong?

The pain would have been easier to bear
If only less attitude and more words;
Talk to me,
I’ve got ears!

But I look, I see, I watch
I study how they act towards me,
Such hatred and non-chalant behaviour
Yet still, within their group
The difference is clear.

I’ll tell you what is wrong!
You’ve brewed in me fear-
Fear of reaching out to another.
Implanted defiance, the result of your neglect.
Now I hurt the people I should love;
To them I don’t care
I withdraw to my own world,
A place within me where I seek solace.
The confidence to reach out
Is no more there.

So tell me, why?
I’ll tell you…
Nothing was wrong but
Now, at this present moment
Something is really wrong with me!

i'm still looking for a title for this by the way, any suggestions?

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