Sunday, 18 January 2009

What the future holds

What the future holds,
Only time will tell
I sit and worry …oh, the stress
Even crying does not help
The fear of the unknown;
Constantly keeps me on my toes.
I want to know
What the future holds for me
Please, please let it be good
But only time will tell
What my future holds
God knows,
He won’t let me down

© The poets voice~~~ January 2009, All rights reserved.

3 lyrically composed words:

Uzezi said...

i love finding blogs that talk about God. and im glad i found you too. thanks for stopping by me

we all dont know what the future holds, but as children of God, we know we are not here to occupy space but to be useful so that at the end of the day, God's name will be glorified. why we wait on His words to direct our next steps, we all should be concerned about doing stuff, or living lives that will help bring people to the Kingdom of God, because we need to redduce the population of the future kingdom of hell.

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Telekinesys said...

hey, my kind of blog, nice poetry, sure to come here often.I see Uzezi has recommended mine.

Chase Him and he will catch you and then you will find you in Him.The end is good

seamstress said...

You definately have a way with words...very nice