Friday, 23 January 2009

What people call God

Journalists' call him “the truth”
Drivers' call him “the way”
Lawyers' call him the “righteous judge”
Geographers' call him “the rock of ages”
Doctors' call him “the great physician”
Horticulturists' call him “the rose of Sharon”
Musicians' call him “the rhythm of heaven”
Oceanographers' call him “the spring of life”
Bakers' call him “the bread of life”
Policemen' call him “the prince of peace”
Farmers' call him “the tree of life”
Sailors' call him “the captain of our salvation”
Teachers' call him “the perfect masters”
Sinners' call him “our saviour”
Photographers' call him “the image of God”
The sick call him “our helper”
The needy call him “our provider”
Servants' call him “the everlasting king”
The dying call him “the giver of life”
God calls himself “I am that I am”

* what do you call him? who is HE to you?...take a moment and think about this...*

© The poets voice~~~ January 2009, All rights reserved.

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Telekinesys said...

Gosh! I wish i wrote this.Always wanted to do one about names of God.Beautiful.

I call Him 'my good bestfriend'

Robyn said...

i call Jehovah my provider,he is beyond are a poet after my own heart.i love this piece.