Thursday, 23 April 2009

should i go or should i stay?

hey guys!

I've been wanting to change background to my blog and 'pimp' it out basically.I also wanted a blog strictly for poetry and nothing else (which was the reason i came to blogsville in the first place). however i 've been thinking, that means i would lose some of the stuff i already got there and to start to get all the applications again is just too much to do.

Anyway i've been thinking about this a lot and having a third blog was an option but i had a dilemma: i didn't really want to have to 3 blogs and have to manage all.

I have made a 3rd blog though and this is the address:

So I ask you dear bloggers,

  • what do you think of this new blog?
  • Is it a good idea to have moved my poetry? (i don't even know what else i'll put on here if there's no maybe there are a few things but there isn't a lot.)
  • Should i just merge the blogs back into one with the background of the new one?
Your views are appreciated!
....The poet's voice...

9 lyrically composed words:

Robyn said...

any thing for poetry,,anything.
i am behind you all the way.
Change is good,,but also do as you feel,,if you came for poetry then do the verses.

TouchyMiMi said...

I must say that I love love love the new blog!
It is up to you! u can choose to merge them together...U have great blogs honestly so just do what u feel is right!

The poets voice ~~~ said...

Thanx guys!!
The new blog is officially open, so i'm going ahead with it.!

tommeh said...

The latest blog is kewl; however, u can change if u know the next is gonna be better.

Buttercup said...

I personally think u shud merge them with the background of the new one cos sometimes people might not have the time to view all 3 blogs when doing blog yea, I'd go with u merging all 3!

how r u btw?

The poets voice ~~~ said...

@ tommeh- thnx

@ buttercup- i totally understand. i'm fine, hope u are too.

Anonymous said...

I still think you should juggle all of them...looks to me like you're doing a marvelous job so far...

me too I have my questions ohhh!!!

where have you been and how come I am just finding you oh?

The poets voice ~~~ said...

@ Chari - thanx!!
ah me..i dey here
well i've been on blogger for about a year now so i'm kinda a newbie...
I only just started making blogsville connections, visiting other blogs and all dat so i'm only coming into the spotlight!lol

Kémi Penélopê said...

Remember that the reason you began blogging...You had a plan so stick to it.
You may have to re-draft the original plan but stick to it. And remember also that there are people out there who have been transformed by your post.
Some you may know of...others you will never know but God will reward you for that one soul who will in turn save millions...