Sunday, 27 September 2009

New medic on the block!

Please pardon me for my very long absence from blogsville.....I have started university now and It's a new exciting experience for me, especially as I am studying medicine!!

My freshers week has been fun; been networking and I have met a lot of people - some I know their names and others I don't (but I'm getting there)..

It's a new City but I already know my way around pretty much. I thank God that I settled in really quickly.

Looking back on the journey of the last two's been long and tough but I made it!
I've made some great friends already and I'll see where life takes me from here..

NB: A thing is only known as 'impossible' until someone does it! You can be that person..

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Remi, United Kingdom said...

wow! good luck with the study.
I pray God give you His supernatural spirit of Excellence to excel in all subjects oh.. Amen..

But come back from time time and drop a post too. :-)
have a great weekend.
Much love

The poets voice ~~~ said...

Thanks so much Remz!!!
I know God is always by my side ready to help..I definitely can't do this without Him..But his strength is sufficient for me..

Have a wonderful weekend!
Plenty plenty love:)x

Myne Whitman said...

I saw you're following my page and decided to check you out. I have seen all three of your blogs and must say you're both creative and inspirational. And you're studying medicine too? Congrats dear and all the best.

shade said...

this is d first tym am viewing ur blog and it really nice i must confess.....bac to uni am happy for you all the best .... choose good friends...medicine wow....dats a real "work hard"

be good in everything you do ....i know you will get to your goals in life...amen....i will com bac to check again

The poets voice ~~~ said...

@ Myne - thanx so much!

@ Shade - welcome to my blog! thnx for checking me out. With medicine, God is my strength!!.