Friday, 16 October 2009

Blocks and patterns

We adopt a lot of patterns as we go on in Life. Patterns make life predictable and predictability means we are not out of our comfort zones.
This could be good but it invariably makes life Boring!

The reason being hat when we are in our comfort zones,we feel everything is OK. We know what is going to happen and nothing is going to surprise us. In a sense, we are prepared.

Why take the excitement out of life?

Is it worth trading predictions for the uncertainty that accompanies a risk?

A pattern is good because that gives your life a structure on a daily basis but should we be run by this pattern or should there be some flexibility to adapt this pattern to change?

How is life for you? Is it a block; constantly you're running from one end to the other?

or is it a bit of a nebulous shape?

*some psychology to think about*

Have a swell weekend guys! lots of love.xx

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TRYBES said...

Life without suspense is like a book without no thesis..Thanks for sharin..and first time here too

simeone said...

i dont even think its in our power.. to decide how we want it..
life mixes things up for us by itself..but then ..i dont think it should be all set out...pleasant surprises are needed

Debbie said...

life is a mixture of things, some pleasant and some not so pleasant, it is a scary thought to live live from pay check to pay check without having a meaningful exisence. Giving God centre stage gives meaning to life.
well written.

mike said...

Woooo. I am still caught in a trance. this message is simple with a deep meaning.