Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The relationship syndrome

Just sometime this year, that nasty pandemic hit the world. the symptoms were evident: fever, temperature, sore throat, cough and then the big scare was death! You guess it, Swine Flu!

And now I see symptoms for another budding issue: every where people are in two's, holding hands and all that: suddenly it's a world filled with mass dating!!

Ok, the scare about this is that children from about age 10 have caught this syndrome too!!
I'm pretty sure they don't even know what a relationship is.

So I ask you all, in your various individual opinions,

  • what is the minimum age limit for one to go into a relationship?

  • what should be involved in a relationship?

  • Does a relationship need to have a purpose before it is started? e.g marriage

  • how do you decide who is right for you and who is isn't?

  • how does one tackle the issue of : guy likes girl but girl wants friendship and vice versa

  • Is 'single-ness' going out of fashion?

Your opinions, comments and ideas are all valued!! would love to hear from you all..

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simeone said...

singleness is not going out of fashion..i think its gone already...and yes.. a good relationship sld have an expected end...
the other question have a number of correct answers.. based on each individual..

Robyn said...

if gal wants friendship go for it-am in love with my friend wat better relationship can you wish for.

Tricia said...

With what i know now i'd say have a relationship when you are old enough to really know wat its about and yes work towards sth.. If u both want it for long/short term it should b made clear.

Believer said...

1. I wouldn't put a minimum age limit on being in a relationship because it depends on the maturity of the individuals although personally I don't believe anyone younger than 18 should be be in a one on one dating relationship. Maybe this sounds harsh but the way I see it marriage is for life, enjoy the years you are a teenager without too much pressure. There is a time for everything, focus on developing yourself as an individual and on your education. Make friends, some might be more special than others but that's life!

2. Committment is a big requirement in a relationship, being committed to the decision you have made in choosing this person, doesn't mean you will marry them but you do what is required to make it work.

3. I think a relationship should have a purpose but one shouldn't put too much pressure on themselves that this has to be the one but I don't believe in dating just to be dating, it's about finding out as much as you can if this is the one for me

4. To thyself be true, pray and ask God for wisdom, do your research. I believe in writing a list, there are some essential qualities e.g a man who loves God, a man who has a sense of purpose in his life and there might be desirable qualities e.g someone taller than you or someone that loves reading like you. The difference between essential and desirable is that even if he doesn't tick your desirable boxes if he ticks the essentials then it is worth going for. The act of knowing and thus writing what you want might prove interesting! But prayer is the most important key

5. Your marriage partner will be your best friend so if they just want friendship at this point hang in there. If you are convinced he/she is the one, then God might be using this as an opportunity to work faith in you. As a friend, be there and sow, look to God when it seems there is no harvest. If the person goes on with someone else accept that while they may have been good for you, they might not necessarily be the best for you.

6. I hope not, even when one gets married, you are still single. Marriage is not about two halves becoming one, it's about 1+1=2. I know on average people are getting married much later in life but this is due to many factors and my comment is long enough as is!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. God bless

akaBagucci said...

lol @ mass dating syndrome..... guess its been around for a bit.. dependent on where on the continuum of life one is..

nothing to add to Believer's comments.. VEEEEERY detailed..

Myne Whitman said...

Believer did give detailed comments and I agree with most of it. Nice blog you have here..

The poets voice ~~~ said...

Thanks all for the contribution..It is much appreciated. You all have valid points and thanks to believer for taking time to detail her answer!

Anonymous said...

All the books, movies, theories, pap fictions and all, never mentions on character side effects of loneliness (read-single).. our children 0-100 yrs need not be alone. Its a cold cold world out here.

My baby who thinks she is 25 but actually is 9 needs to feel wanted n loved. We only talk to her of relationships n what to expect out there are neibourhood punks hanging around the living room lately