Monday, 7 December 2009

The Christmas bells...

It's so weird how only few days ago, the year 2009 was born. Like a seed planted in fertile soil, it started to grow shoots and the roots pushed down further into the ground. the flowers started to bud and the leaves became bright green, enriched with colour.

But slowly the year comes to a close and new one is ahead. It makes one stop. think. ponder for a while...What has been achieved? what still has to be accomplished? What were my happy moments and what didn't go so well?

The Most important question though is to ask, What can be improved on in the new year?

When we stop trying, everything stands still...and the world goes by while we stand and watch.
Christmas is around the corner..Get in that joyful mood. Celebrate the friends and family that you have. Family can be annoying but there is no doubt that they are a shoulder to lean on, to cry on and when it seems all hope is lost, to fall on!

Friends are never quite so predictable, there are some amazing ones and some that are just constantly digging holes in your heart. But then again the amazing ones can once in a while switch to the 'bad' side. It all depends on the pressures and circumstances they are faced with. Nevertheless, the support and warmth of a true & loyal friend is worth a lot!

Christmas is a time of peace, to be joyful with the ones you love. It is a time to share each others happiness and be thankful. Look over the past year and be thankful to God for what he's brought you through.
The storms have subsided, it's time for peace.....have a wonderful Christmas and an extravagant new year! (i know it's a bit early on in December to do Christmas

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Myne Whitman said...

Thanks for sharing this, very inspirational. and it is never too early so happy holidays to you too.

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